What can cause a steering wheel to shake?

People often don’t understand what kind of problem they are having in their car and what’s the reason behind this problem? Many people take their cars to the mechanics and some people ignore the problem which is dangerous.

If you are going through the steering shake problem then you should go to the mechanic immediately. In this article, we’re going to talk about a few reasons that may cause a steering shake.


If your steering is shaking then it’s not essential that something is wrong with the steering but this is the reaction of some other problem in the car. Different causes may develop a problem in the steering.

First, at the time of driving, you should keep a check on the wheels whether your wheels are balanced or not. If your car tires are not balanced then it may cause the steering wheel to shake during the drive and you must act fast and get the tires fixed by a mechanic.


Possibilities are that your steering might be shaking due to the gears and rods. Many people ignore the issue of gears and rods and they think it is not a big deal but it is risky when you are driving.

You should take your car to the mechanic because in such cases, the car may go out of your control and you may get into an accident due to unbalancing. You should fix the steering gear and rods in the car for your safety.

Click here and learn more about the reasons that can cause a steering wheel shake.


It may be possible that you are going to experience this issue due to the axle problem. If you are a rough driver and you use your steering roughly, then your axle will stop working properly and it may get you into some trouble.

If your steering is shaking and you’re experiencing weird noises in the car while turning it, then it is axle problem. You should make it fix as soon as possible because in case axle gets broken during the ride, your car will be out of control.


Steering wheel shakes when you are having a problem in the front tire of the car. The rear tires of the car might be working perfectly but if there is a problem of steering shake, chances are that there is some problem with the front tires.

To stop the shaking you should see whether your tire is bubbling or it is getting flat due to which the balance of the car is not up to the mark. You should keep the check on the front tire all the time before driving.


The steering wheel is a sensitive part of the car and when you start feeling the changes in it, you should keep in your mind that something is wrong in your car.

When your steering wheel is vibrating then you should keep a check on the suspension. Make it fixed as soon as possible so that you may avoid any kind of problem during the driving to save yourself from any accident.…

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What happens if you put the wrong fuel in your car?

Sometimes people don’t realize that the fuel they’re using for their car is wrong fuel for their car. This may happen due to a mistake or due to lack of knowledge. Such kinds of situations usually take place when you rent a car from someone. You must have knowledge of the basic features of a car before you start driving it.

You may get yourself into a lot of trouble if you put the wrong fuel in your car. Let’s take a look at the problems you may have to face after putting the wrong fuel into your car.


Fuel which is not suitable for your car can damage your car at a severe level and most probably your car’s engine will stop working. It happens in some cases that due to the inappropriate fuel you may witness the failure of brakes.

If you don’t know about which fuel you should use in the car, go for the guide which can tell you what fuel you should use in order to save your car from any kind of damage.


The fuel injector pump will be damaged if you put the gas in a car that runs on diesel. This is dangerous for you and when you will start driving, you are almost risking your life.

Gas and diesel have different properties and when you use them in the wrong car, you will damage the engine of your car. The fuel will start creating disturbance in the car and you may need to replace several parts in your car.


You can use premium fuel for the car which needs ordinary fuel but you can say that it is a waste of your money because there will be no difference in the performance. No matter if you use ordinary fuel or a premium fuel.

But when you use ordinary fuel for the premium fuel car, you are going to damage your car intensively. You can witness the spark knock in your car which can lead car to the major damage for a long term.


It’s not possible to fill petrol in a diesel car due to the difference of nozzle but if you are the one who is doing that with the hard and fast rule then you will be able to witness the huge damage in your car. In such kind of situations, you must consider taking a look at mis-fuel mechanics and breakdown.

Clean the tank before starting it

The problem won’t start until you are going to start the engine when the fuel starts circulating in the car. As soon as fuel starts circulating, your engine will be fully damaged and you need to replace the whole engine just because of the wrong fuel filling.

As soon as you realize that you have filled the car tank with the wrong fuel, you should avoid starting the car. Push the car and park it at some safe place. Your car will be fine until you don’t start the engine.…

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Tips for Changing Car Batteries

Everyone knows that automotive batteries don’t last forever. If your car needs a jump-start, or it’s been five to six years since you got a new battery, or you notice your headlights dimming, it might be the time for a change.

Change car battery

You can go to a reliable and experienced auto mechanic to get the job done or you can do it yourself with a few simple and easy steps. In most cars and vans, changing a battery is a quick and easy task and can be done with a few tools.

Here are few important steps that will clear your mind about how to change a car battery.

Do you need a new battery?

Try to figure out if the problem is with the battery. If you installed the new battery without knowing the problem, you’ll be losing your time and money. Here are a few tips that can help you understand if you need to know how to change a car battery.

If there is whitish or blue residue sulphate built-up around the terminal, the issue of the battery can be resolved by removing it. Your skin may start burning with the dried out sulfuric acid the powder may contain in it, therefore, we suggest you not to touch it with your bare hands.

Drive for 30 minutes (with minimal electrical usage) to confirm that you’ve given the proper chance to the battery to recharge.

Buy the correct replacement battery: –

The automotive batteries vary in electrical capacity and the size, therefore, you must have proper information about your car’s model, make engine size and the type of battery you need when you go to a local auto parts store.

You will be charged a “core” fee in some areas of the US for purchasing a new battery. You can skip this fee if you bring your old battery at the time of purchase or after that.

Remove the car battery: –

change car battery

Remove any clamps, bar or screws holding the battery in place and unfasten the battery holder. Lift the battery out of the car very carefully. If you have any back problems, get a helping hand to lift the battery out of the car because a battery can weigh 13.5 to 27 kilos or 30 to 60 pounds.

Put in New battery: –

Clean the battery tray and the terminal clamps: –

Use a wire brush and a baking soda solution to clean the battery tray and terminal clamps. Consider repair or replacement by a mechanic if you find any harmful corrosion the cables or the terminal ends. Otherwise, wait before moving onto the next step to let the area dry.

Replace the battery: –

Keep the positive and negative terminals on the right sides when replacing the old battery with new one. Connect all the bars, clamps or screws that may hold the battery in place.

Reconnect the positive terminal: –

Use a wrench in order to tighten the clamps.

Reconnect the negative terminal: –

Again, use the wrench to tighten the clamp.

Apply battery lithium grease: –

In order to prevent corrosion, spray the lithium grease on the terminals.

Close the hood: –

Start your car after shutting the hood firmly to check if all the devices are working perfectly.…

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What to do if you get locked out of your car?




Let’s face it, at some point or another you’ve probably locked your keys in the car.  This can be an incredibly frustrating experience. It can happen to any of us at one point or another.  Here are a few tips to keep your cool, and get your engine started and back out on the road!

Call a Tow Service

The fastest and easiest way to get back into your car is to just call a tow service.  There are many locksmith competitors in the Gold Coast area.  Car Locksmith Gold Coast has the best lockout rates in the Gold Coast area.

Do It Yourself

There are many different methods you can use to retrieve your keys out of your car on your own.  For instance, you can use a credit card, hanger, Slim Jim or even a tennis ball (you read that right a tennis ball).  Please keep in mind that these methods are to only be used to get into your OWN vehicle.

Roadside Assistance

This may seem like an obvious option however, it can be easy to get flustered in the moment and forget you even have this lovely option.  If you pay extra to have this feature, either with your insurance policy or simply purchased on its own, then this would be a good time to give them a call.  Just call the provider, and a professional locksmith will be dispatched to your location to assist you.  AAA is a great company for this.

Keep a spare key

You can either keep a spare in your purse, home or by a magnetic hide-a-key and place it in a good location on your car.  This way you can always be assured that if you leave your keys in the car you have a backup, and you can be your own locksmith.  Be sure to do your research on these methods, so that you don’t damage your car.

When to call the Police

I used to be a dispatcher for 911, and I will tell you that should you call to report that you have locked your keys inside your car, and there is no life being threatened in the car, then you can expect to wait for quite some time.  These are considered low priority calls, and depending on your Police Department’s policy, they may or may not unlock the door for you. Only call 911, if you have locked your keys AND a child or pet in the car; or if there are any other safety/emergency concerns.

Whether you choose to go with Gold Coast Locksmith or a different route, be sure to stay calm and be safe. Utilize one of these options above to point yourself in the right direction.  Of course, the best thing to do is to have or a different route, be sure to stay calm and be safe. Utilize one of these options above to point yourself in the right direction.  Of course, the best thing to do is to have the plan beforehand, that way if you find yourself in this predicament you will know just what to do!…

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Right towing service

Choosing the right towing service

People usually do not have knowledge of what to look for when choosing a towing company. Only those who have gone through the trouble of choosing the wrong towing company can understand the pain of this mistake. On the other hand, choosing the right company can help you solve your issue without any hassle.

This article can help you find the best towing service in Louisville KY. We have struggled a lot to find the useful tips for you. Here we are going to share some helpful tips with you that will allow you to find the right towing company.


What is Unacceptable: –

There are a few common complaints from people who think that they chose the wrong towing service. Here is a list of these complaints:

  • Truck was in bad shape
  • Truck operator was unprofessional
  • Operator was rough with my vehicle
  • Tow truck arrived later than the promised time
  • Towing charge (switch and bait) was more than represented

These are basic complaints that people usually have about the towing truck drivers. You can be ready for the unexpected breakdown or mishap with just a little diligence and be on your way with confidence.

Where to Start:

Your decision is very important for the beginning of a happy towing experience. 24/7 roadside assistance programs are offered by most of the insurance companies. You must remember the towing coverage that you have when taking help from the dedicated roadside assistance insurance carriers.

Make sure that you keep the policy numbers and contact number in the car if you have the roadside assistance of any kind. You must also make sure that all drivers are aware of the coverage. That can save you from all kind of inconvenience.

Questions to Ask:

If you need towing or roadside assistance but you don’t have the coverage then you’ll have to go through the challenge of finding a reliable provider. The perfect way to find the reliable towing company within the area where the car is down is using your phone or checking some online resources.

You must confirm your location and the destination where you want the vehicle towed. The mile is the measuring unit that towing companies use for charging the fee. Depending upon the distance, often a return mileage assessment is included by the providers. Be precise here.

You should be acknowledged about the year in which the vehicle was made. This will simplify the process for towing company by helping them understand the type of vehicle that they are going to dispatch.

If you have any friends in the area where you need services, ask them to recommend the right company for you.

Contact your insurance carrier if you have any concerns. They will guide you about what to do next. Do not forget to tell them the information above because chances are that they will make the towing arrangements for you. In some cases, staying with the car will not be important for you.Right towing service

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