To remove a car scratch can sometimes be a headache for you. You go the mechanic and ask him to hide it so you can sell your car or you go to the different shops to find something which can hide or remove it.

If you are in search how you will be able to remove the scratch from your car then here are some of the best solutions to remove the car scratch.




If you it’s a deep scratch and you don’t think it’s going to remove from the home remedies then you should go for the paint. If you will start painting the area which is in scratches then the chances are it’s going to hide for a long time and you don’t have to use different things for it.

You just have to work hard in order to find the right color for your car which should match.


You will be able to fade the car scratch with the help of toothpaste. Toothpaste is known as the best rubbing compound for car scratches which can make your car shine once again with the same intensity.

You just have to put toothpaste on a piece of cloth which should be soft enough to keep your car safe from anymore scratches. You need to rub it on the scratch and you will be good to go. There shouldn’t be anything in the cloth which is going to increase the scratches.


You can look for the different polishes in the market which are best in hiding the car scratches. You need to apply them to the car for the whole day and when you will start rubbing them with the wet cloth then you can see how your car will look like a new.

All the scratches will be gone and you will be able to see the shine as well. At the time of buying polish for your car, you need to make sure that this polish is for shiny appearance too. It shouldn’t be too hard on your car’s body.



Sandpaper is also known as the greatest thing when it comes to removing scratches from the car’s body. You have to rub the sand paper on the area where scratches are and you can see the visible difference after some time.

If a scratch is a bit hard to remove then you should repeat the process of rubbing several times. It will help you in making your car’s body perfect and you don’t have to mess up with the appearance of the car too.


Candle wax also works great for the scratches. When you rub the candle wax on the scratchy area then you will notice that wax is going to hide the scratch. This remedy is useful when your car has light scratches and you want them to hide for some time.

This remedy is perfect when you want the immediate solution to hide the marks on your car’s body.

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