According to the visitor, these cool cars were arranged like ‘Matchbox cars’ on a shelf. He certainly was missing the explicit flow of the centre as of the Nagoya museum. Anyway, he explains there were some explicit zones though.

To be specific, the compilation of one-off and concept cars, comprising the ultramodern and curvy Lexus was thoroughly attention dragging. The best part, the observing the arrangements, one can easily mark the process of evolution of the cars, be consisting old and new Celicas, MR2s, Supras, etc.

Moving further, he came across with the finest collections of the pickups and SUVs, starting from the good old 60s days to now. The FJ45 at the centre according to him deserves a special mention. At the same time, the older cars in the collection were thoroughly exciting. Coming to the 2000GT segment, the real showstopper, the museum was having three of these models. One of these models is owned by Lesley Lawson. However, the catchiest in the collection was a red beauty, according to him. The most surprising instance happened for the visitor when he asked to take a snap and was allowed for the same! Anyway, he claims that the 2000GT is way lot smaller in comparison with the contemporary cars. Making things more exciting for him, the insiders opened up the entire doors and hatches as well, flaunting each of the sections of this masterpiece. It is here to mention that this is one of the nine models that come with the larger 2.3L straight-6, for its higher price.

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