What happens if you put the wrong fuel in your car?

Sometimes people don’t realize that the fuel they’re using for their car is wrong fuel for their car. This may happen due to a mistake or due to lack of knowledge. Such kinds of situations usually take place when you rent a car from someone. You must have knowledge of the basic features of a car before you start driving it.

You may get yourself into a lot of trouble if you put the wrong fuel in your car. Let’s take a look at the problems you may have to face after putting the wrong fuel into your car.


Fuel which is not suitable for your car can damage your car at a severe level and most probably your car’s engine will stop working. It happens in some cases that due to the inappropriate fuel you may witness the failure of brakes.

If you don’t know about which fuel you should use in the car, go for the guide which can tell you what fuel you should use in order to save your car from any kind of damage.


The fuel injector pump will be damaged if you put the gas in a car that runs on diesel. This is dangerous for you and when you will start driving, you are almost risking your life.

Gas and diesel have different properties and when you use them in the wrong car, you will damage the engine of your car. The fuel will start creating disturbance in the car and you may need to replace several parts in your car.


You can use premium fuel for the car which needs ordinary fuel but you can say that it is a waste of your money because there will be no difference in the performance. No matter if you use ordinary fuel or a premium fuel.

But when you use ordinary fuel for the premium fuel car, you are going to damage your car intensively. You can witness the spark knock in your car which can lead car to the major damage for a long term.


It’s not possible to fill petrol in a diesel car due to the difference of nozzle but if you are the one who is doing that with the hard and fast rule then you will be able to witness the huge damage in your car. In such kind of situations, you must consider taking a look at mis-fuel mechanics and breakdown.

Clean the tank before starting it

The problem won’t start until you are going to start the engine when the fuel starts circulating in the car. As soon as fuel starts circulating, your engine will be fully damaged and you need to replace the whole engine just because of the wrong fuel filling.

As soon as you realize that you have filled the car tank with the wrong fuel, you should avoid starting the car. Push the car and park it at some safe place. Your car will be fine until you don’t start the engine.…

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